Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Robin's Nest designteam 2015 entry................

Today’s post is one filled with a photo tutorial. I really had a lot of fun creating 
one for you. It’s also quite lengthy, so please bear with me.

Today's post has to be special, original and one of a kind, full of inspiratie en special
technieks. Show them your style of scrapbooking, let them now you through your 
design. In one word it has to be specialy made for my designteam entry @

First of all I'm going to design a layout using a gorgeous collectie of Kaisercraft
"O so lovely" my embellisments choice is from Prima Marketing. 
I love there stuff and I will have a lot of fun playing with them.

Well let's get started :

First up I want to show you the product I'm going to use.......
From the collction "O so Lovely" I used 3 design sheets, chic-femme-ladylike,
From design sheet "chic" I cut 4 strips with a dimension of 3 x 30.5 cm.
From the Bazzill cardstock collection I used 1 white one, I punched both outsides
with a punch from Martha Stewart. Behind the punches borders I attached 
2 of the 4 strips with a dimension of 3 x 30.5 cm with double-sided tape.
From design sheet "femme" I cut 1cm of both outsides, punch those both 
outsides with the same puch from Martha Stewart.

Than I attached my design sheet "femme" with double-sided tape on the white 
cardstock, like this - see photo!!
I cut 1 strip with a dimension of 18 x 30.5 cm from design sheet "ladylike", 
I attached it with double-sided tape right in de middle from design sheet "femme".

Stamp with Versmark and a text stamp Prima Marketing the middle portion,  
let your own inspiration do his job.
Sprinkle the stamped parts with embossing powder color "snowflake"
heat the area with a heat tool.
When my embossing area is finished, I place my pearl vine and the shabby chic
frame including picture of my daughter first, those 2 things I attached 
right away on my embossing background, there for I use Clossy Accent.

Than I take my embellisments and I'm going to play whith them until they are in the
correct position. When I found the right positions, I thought it looks a bit faint, so 

I toke the 2 left over strips with a dimension  of 3 x 30.5 cm from the design sheet 
"chic", 1 side of both strips I have punched with the same punch that I 
allready previously used.
O wow that gives al lot of more color to my layout, so I attached it with 
dubbel sided tape and went on with my embellisments.
When they all got the right position  I all attached them whit hot glue of 
Glossy Accent.

Well my design/layout is finished, I have only showed you parts of the design
so it about time you see the whole piece and I hope you like it!!!

Sweet girl o'mine........

I love to work with 2 manufacturers, specialy beautiful romantic Kaisercraft 
collections and gorgeous flowers-shabby chic resins and junkyards
findings from Prima Marketing.

Let's have a closer look :

On my 3 close-ups you can see the embossed background, it's pretty cool 
with a lot of glimmer.
Bye the way I have 1 Tip for you : in my layout you can see the birds,
they are sitting on a branch. 
If you put on the back of the bird some 3d foam, you can place the birdy's feet
about the branch, after you attached it you will see it just looks real.

Well that’s all I have to share for this post and I hope I have explained everything in 
detail for you. If you have any questions just let me know.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

See you soon at


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Terri Sproul said...

what a fun project, thanks for your submission to be a part of the Robin Nest Dt