Sunday, April 10, 2016

Postcards with DCWV.........

DCWV has an amazing new line in store "Stateside", colors are great, products are Stunning!!!
Even when you are not living there or if you are not going to celebrate the holiday's over
there, it's an amazing line to work with. 
With a dose of imagination you get very far en you can make some pretty awesome projects. 

For those pretty awesome postcards I just the DCWV Stateside Postcard Stack, it's
a 4.5"x 6.5"stack it's double sided printed cardstock and contains 36 postcards. 

Voor de base I use one printed cardstock postcard and decorate it with two other printed
cardstock postcards, that means I cut portions from the cards and used this for my
chosen base. See for yourself how they have become!!!

Hope you like the postcards!
You can find the Stateside stack in your nearest Jo-Ann stores Thanks for stopping by.


Liesbeth van Bussel said...

It is gorgeous

Brigitta Raaijmakers said...

Super adorable cards Astrid!!

Cynthia van der Wilk said...

Wat een leuke kaarten. En wat een leuke lijn.